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Paul N. Mirabelli, Esq

Domestic litigation requires a skilled lawyer to protect your property and advocate your rights

Divorce and its corollary subjects are arduous events to live through – unfortunately, matters aren’t any easier in the courtroom. As your attorney, I exhaust every opportunity to uncover your entitlements as well as guard you from losing what is rightfully yours.

Domestic disputes are often mired in layers of complexity, especially concerning financial structures and investment vehicles. It is critical to have a practiced lawyer that can perform the necessary analyses to decipher which assets belong to you.

As a solo practitioner embedded in the local community, I also understand the abhorrence felt at the prospect of losing a child. For decades I have fought to protect parents’ rights.

I handle the following cases:

  • Divorce
  • High-Conflict Custody Disputes
  • Visitation Rights,
  • Pousal/Child Support
  • Violence
  • Other Domestic Legal Issues.

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Attorney Paul Mirabelli

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